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5 of the best charity videos used to promote legacy giving

Ashley Rowthorn Legacy innovation

In case you haven’t noticed, social media is exploding and changing the way we fundraise. Digital fundraising is a huge growth area and we mustn’t overlook it when developing our legacy fundraising strategy.

An excellent way to deliver rich, engaging content on social media is to create a video. Video content can be embedded on your website and shared across all social media platforms, and allows you to tell a story in a way that is difficult to achieve in text alone, no matter how good your copywriting is. And with technology becoming more and more affordable, creating a professional and engaging video can be done on the smallest of budgets or even in house.

So I recommend that if you haven’t already got a video to promote legacy giving, it should be top of your to do list!

5 great examples of charity legacy videos

There are some great examples of charities using social media to promote legacy giving, and I have compiled a list of 5 of the best charity videos to give you some ideas to create your own video.

Dogs Trust 

Save the Children


Marie Curie