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It’s just over a month since I joined Legacy Voice as Director of Consulting. Those of you who follow us on Twitter will have seen the stack of coloured Post-It notes eagerly anticipating the output from our team away day in York a few weeks back.  Since then, we’ve been reflecting upon the key challenges we think the sector faces, …

Great Legacy Fundraising Masterclass 2018

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Are you a leader looking to prepare your organisation for significant growth in legacy giving income? If so we have some exciting news to share with you that can help you see a step change in your fundraising income, and deliver real change for the beneficiaries you serve. The Great Legacy Fundraising Masterclass runs from Monday 19th to Wednesday 21st November 2018 at The Inch Hotel and Inspiration Centre on the banks …

Legacy Voice publish first comprehensive literature review into legacy giving

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Legacy Voice have published a comprehensive literature review into legacy giving which it says will help charities and fundraisers wanting to make the most of this growing source of voluntary income. The review, which encompasses fields as diverse as fundraising, psychology, psychiatry and behavioural economics, pulls together over 160 previously published research papers into one review of why and how …

Chris Millward joins Legacy Voice as new Director of Consulting

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Legacy Voice are delighted to announce that Chris Millward will be joining the team in July 2018 as Director of Consulting. Chris is unrivalled in the UK charity sector in terms of his experience, enthusiasm and passion for growing legacy giving. Chris joins us from the Institute of Legacy Management, where he spent the last 3 years as Chief Executive …

When it comes to successful legacy stewardship, donor-centricity is key.

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Stewardship is a term that is quite often referenced in the legacy world, but possibly little understood. Some charities will view legacy stewardship in hard terms – moving prospects and donors through a pipeline – and other will take a softer approach – viewing it as a measure of donor warmth and satisfaction. Whatever the perspective, a unifying theme is …

Review of 1837 Wills Act is an opportunity to fix a broken system

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“If you want to encourage a behaviour, make it Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely”. These are the words of the Behavioural Insights Team, who we have become familiar with since their ground breaking studies in partnership with Remember a Charity. Much has been discussed about the importance of social norming, and the influence this has, particularly on first time will makers. …

The Great British love affair

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This weeks blog is the first in a series on legacy motivations – why we choose to leave gifts to charity and to which causes. Legacy Voice associate Michelle Hurst Di Pasqualle shares about our love affair with animals and why she has chosen to remember them in her will.