We are a specialist legacy fundraising consultancy helping you raise more money from gifts in Wills.
And feel really good about it.

Let’s talk legacy fundraising

At Legacy Voice, we are passionate about legacy fundraising, and think you should be too. Yet many charities are all too often unsure about how to talk to their supporters about legacies, or concerned about causing offence. But research shows that just a 45 minute conversation can be enough to encourage someone to leave you a gift in their Will.

So we can help you find your voice and create more amazing, behaviour-changing conversations that will encourage your supporters to leave a gift to your cause in their Will.

With real, tangible results.

What we do best

We offer a range of legacy marketing services including strategy development, campaign management, temporary staff cover and training.

  • Legacy Audit

    We help you assess the performance of your legacy fundraising across a range of areas. A great starting point before developing a new legacy fundraising strategy.
  • Strategy

    If you are new to legacy fundraising or need a fresh approach, we can help you develop a strategy to grow your legacy income.
  • Campaigns

    Legacy campaigns that generate measurable interest.
    Telephone campaigns, legacy events, direct mail, marketing materials.
  • Best prospects

    We can help you think about the people most likely to leave you a legacy. Making your communications more relevant and using resources wisely.
  • Legacy proposition

    We help you understand and communicate the most compelling reason why people should leave a gift to your charity in their Will.
  • Training

    We can build the skills and confidence of your teams to have more effective legacy conversations.
    Coaching, mentoring, team training.
  • Ashley is a true Legacy expert, extremely knowledgable and full of great ideas.Helen Prince. Deputy Head of Fundraising, RVS
  • Ashley is a trusted and experienced legacy fundraiser who  has an excellent grasp of strategy and implementation.Rob Cope. Director, Remember a Charity
  • Ashley  has outstanding analytical skills, a comprehensive understanding of marketing and excellent project management skills; consistently delivering a standard of excellence in his work.Catherine Woodhead. Director of Fundraising, Fight for Sight
  • Ashley is a great communicator, and builds strong, deep relationships with supporters and colleagues. Jonathan Andrews. Director, Remarkable Partnerships
Ashley Rowthorn legacy fundraising consultant at Legacy Voice

About Us

We love legacies so much, we wouldn’t want to do anything else.

As well as the best of strategy and creative we also help you embed a culture where legacy giving can thrive.

Our team are some of the most experienced legacy fundraisers in the UK, and have decades of experience between us.

And as part of the Legacy  Group, we also help fulfil the final wishes of donors through our sister company Legacy Link.

This makes us the UK’s leading legacy consultancy, and the only to offer support for legacy donors in life and after death.

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Get in touch

Let’s get together for a coffee and see how we can help you grow your legacy income in 2017.

ashley@legacyvoice.co.uk // 07736 835571