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And help your donors leave the world a better place

It has never been a better time to focus on legacy giving. More donors, leaving more money to more causes in their Wills and estate plans than ever before.

And with the biggest generational transfer of wealth in history set to take place over the next 20-30 years, any organisation looking to develop a long-term sustainable source of income, must put legacy giving at the heart of its fundraising strategy.

The opportunity to invest in legacy fundraising is very exciting, with the average legacy gift worth more than the entire lifetime giving of a typical donor. And growing year on year, raising almost £3bn for charities in the UK and over $30bn in the US every year.

But more than just raising money for good causes, it is proven to have positive benefits for the donor, not just practically through tax efficient giving, but emotionally too. Legacy giving is proven to make people feel happier.

That all sounds exciting, but how do we do that in practice?

Here at Legacy Voice we have a vision to help 1 million donors leave a legacy gift in their will or estate plan and literally leave the world a better place. We do this by working with charities and not for profit organisations to become great at legacy fundraising.

If you want to get your organisation ready to become deserving of the most personal and potentially biggest gift a person will make in their lifetime, we’d love to hear from you.

Ashley Rowthorn

The Building Blocks of Great Legacy Fundraising

Services to grow your legacy giving income.

Most people have a nagging voice in their heads throughout their working life.  ‘What’s all this for?’  ‘I wish my job had more meaning’, ‘I must try harder.’   As old age approaches this voice gets louder and it’s at this point that great fundraising can provide the answers.  We call this voice the Legacy Voice, and truly donor-centred legacy fundraising answers all its questions.

About Us

We love legacies so much, we wouldn’t want to do anything else.

Legacy Voice is a specialist fundraising consultancy helping organisations grow their legacy giving income.  Our team are some of the most experienced legacy fundraisers in the UK, and have decades of experience between us. As well as the best of strategy and creative we also help you embed a culture where legacy giving can thrive.

Meet the team

Ashley Rowthorn, Managing Director

Legacy Voice was set up by Ashley Rowthorn in 2014 after working as a legacy fundraiser for the best part of a decade. He had the desire to see more charities realise their potential and grasp the opportunity that legacy giving has to offer. In 2015 he joined leading legacy administration consultancy Legacy Link, and now runs that alongside Legacy Voice, to help charities right through the legacy journey.

Chris Millward, Director of Consulting

Chris is unrivalled in the UK charity sector in terms of his experience, enthusiasm and passion for growing legacy giving. Chris joined Legacy Voice from the Institute of Legacy Management, where he was instrumental in developing a new values based, best-practice guidance for legacy giving. Prior to the ILM, Chris headed up the legacy giving teams at Save the Children, and Macmillan Cancer Support. He has also been chair of the Will Aid campaign and a key member of the Remember a Charity campaign Council.

Alan Clayton, Creative Director

Alan has 25 years of experience as a speaker and seminar leader, creative director and consultant in fundraising.  He worked in house for a national UK charity before founding his own London based agency, which he exited in 2010.  He has developed the ‘Great Fundraising’ programme over the last decade which shapes the core of our offer, and has worked with over 350 clients worldwide.  Alan brought his flair and pinpoint creative insight to the world of legacies when he joined Legacy Voice in 2017.

Sharon Comfort, Account Director

Sharon joined Legacy Voice in 2016 following a successful career in the world of telephone fundraising. She brings her enthusiasm, warmth and exceptional organisational skills to make sure we deliver the best possible service for our clients.

The Legacy Group

And as part of the Legacy  Group, we also help fulfil the final wishes of donors through our sister company Legacy Link.

This makes us the UK’s leading legacy consultancy, and the only to offer support for legacy donors in life and after death.

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