Want to know about the future of legacy fundraising?

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We are looking for a pioneer group of charities to join our new learning circle into the future of legacy fundraising.

Legacy Fundraising 2.0 is a new learning consortium from Legacy Foresight, in partnership with Legacy Voice launching in October 2020.

Over the past 18 months we have seen growing interest in using digital and social media as a means of acquiring and stewarding legacy donors.

This shift has accelerated since the advent of GDPR, restricting direct communications with many potential supporters. It has also been boosted by growth in online usage amongst today’s key legacy audience, the boomers.

However, despite the buzz, we have yet to develop an agreed view of what makes for good online legacy communications. How can we best use digital and social media to inspire, inform and impel legacy donors into making a gift? Can we develop KPIs and metrics to help measure and track each charity’s performance relative to its peers?

Initially a 6-month programme, it will explore:

  • Current practice in digital and social legacies
  • Understanding digital donors attitudes and behaviour
  • Innovative platforms and approaches, including ehere next for digital and social marketing
  • Building digital skills and buy-in within your organisation
  • How to measure success and quantify ROI

The programme will also focus a spotlight on specific legacy fundraising activities:

  • Facebook advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Video and virtual reality
  • Virtual supporter events
  • Legacy web pages
  • Display and search advertising
  • Online will-making
  • Working with third-parties

Find out more

To find out more about Legacy Fundraising 2.0 or to become a pioneer member, download a copy of the project proposal below.

Project proposal