Understanding donor motivations is key to growing legacy giving

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I love this video from Dogs Trust. It’s a great example of how to incorporate ‘living donor stories’ into our legacy campaigns.

Full of warmth, humour, positivity and emotion, it conveys a clear message and lets the donors speak for themselves – no corporate suits in sight!

But the main reason I love this video is the insight it gives us into donor motivations, on the why of legacy giving.

In memory, shared values, identity, symbolic immortality, protecting loved ones, trust – it’s all there.

Understanding what drives our donors to consider a gift in their Will is a fundamental part of our legacy strategy and one we must spent time on. Once we ‘get’ our donors we can shape our messages to fit and make them much more compelling.

And by helping people leave a legacy, we are meeting deep rooted needs that other forms of giving just simply can’t reach.

Understand what motivates your donors

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