Legacy Proposition

Find your legacy voice

Are you able to communicate the most compelling reason why your supporters should leave a gift in their will? Is this rooted in donor insight? Is it able to stand up against all competition from other charities and organisations in your cause area? Is it clearly about a future gift in a will or estate plan and not a lifetime gift?

We use a lot of different words for building a case for support for legacy giving – a legacy proposition, a legacy vision, a legacy offer.

Whatever we call it, getting your messaging right is possibly the most critical part of your legacy fundraising strategy.

With legacy giving on the rise, donors are likely to hear from more organisations than ever before about leaving a gift in their will or estate plan.

Particularly in certain cause areas – take cancer for instance – there is a huge amount of choice for the donor. They could leave a gift to medical research, at a leading research charity, or with a gift direct to a University funding the research. They could leave it to a specific cancer charity, pancreatic for instance, or one that works with all types. Or they could leave a gift to organisations that provide care and support, such as a local hospice or hospital.

The reality is that donors are likely to leave gifts to multiple organisations in their will – 3 on average. But not all gifts are equal.

Donor’s will give larger gifts to organisations that they trust, that they feel are credible and will give them a lasting impact, and that they feel will look after them and their gift, or that of a loved one.

So we can help you articulate a powerful legacy giving proposition that will resonate with your donors and encourage more of them to leave a gift in their will.

We can do this through an interactive workshop with you where we will tackle the problem together and find a proposition that will work for your donors and your organisation. Or our creative team can develop their ideas and present them to you.

Once we have found an idea that we believe will resonate with your donors we will bring these to life with several creative examples that can be used within your legacy fundraising materials, or taken into testing with a range of audiences.

Recent clients

We have experience of working with both small and large organisations across a range of cause areas.