Legacy training for staff and volunteers

Giving you the knowledge, tools and confidence to grow your legacy giving income.

The holy grail of legacy fundraising is to do it so well that it inspires the whole organisation to get behind and talk about legacy giving. In fact, the most successful legacy fundraising organisations understand the importance of creating a culture where everyone is involved in promoting gifts in wills. 

But this is easier said than done. There are several barriers that will get in the way of this kind of integrated approach, even with the best intentions.

Some may feel uncomfortable or uneasy about promoting legacy giving, especially to certain groups of supporters or people. Some may be very willing, but say they lack the understanding or skills to have a conversation with someone about legacy giving. Others simply lack the time or capacity, with competing demands, targets and deadlines getting in the way.

With our training and coaching we can give your staff and volunteers the knowledge, tools and confidence to promote legacy giving in their everyday activities, and potentially raise you significant amount of money in the process.

We have lots of experience of training people at all levels of seniority:

  • Volunteers
  • Service delivery staff
  • Call centre / telephone staff
  • Fundraisers
  • Senior management and Directors
  • Trustee boards

Our approach to legacy training is as follows:

  • engage people emotionally in the opportunity that legacy giving holds
  • demonstrate the impact that their support can give both to the donor and the organisation
  • give people an understanding of the legacy giving and will making process
  • identify ways they can promote legacies
  • script the critical moves
  • provide ongoing coaching and support to ensure the learning sticks

Recent clients

We have experience of working with both small and large organisations across a range of cause areas.