Legacy management

Take care of your donors final wishes after death.

Are you fortunate enough to already be receiving notification of legacy gifts in your donor’s wills? Do you have the necessary experience within your organisation to navigate the sometimes complex estate administration process and deal appropriately with the family and executors? Are you maximising the value of the gift in this process while protecting the risk of your Trustees and organisations reputation?

Our team of charity legacy officers are available as an extension of your team, to ensure that your legacy donor’s final wishes are realised and that they have the greatest impact for your charity.

We help you navigate the sometimes complex estate administration process, from notification of a gift, through to distribution of the estate. Our experience means we are able to communicate with executors in a respectful and sensitive way, while making sure your interests are represented. We thrive on working quickly and adding value – so you can be confident your legacy gifts are in safe hands.

We can offer a legacy administration service through Legacy Link, who are the leading provider of legacy administration for charities in the UK, securing over £100m for good causes each year.

We can help you with:

  • Long-term support through our our remote service. Adding value to your legacy income, reducing risk for trustees and speeding up your pipeline.
  • Short-term cover to increase the capacity of your legacy team when you need it – to cover staff leave, gaps in recruitment or simply when things get busy.
  • A helping hand to review cases, or answer any questions you have, whenever you need it. Submit questions to us securely through our online helpdesk.
  • Training and advice to help you work to best practice, ensure good governance, reduce your risk and maximise your potential.

Recent clients

We have experience of working with both small and large organisations across a range of cause areas.