Donor-Centred Insight

Putting your donors’ story at the heart of your legacy strategy.

Once you have identified your target audience you need to get to know them, really well. Why? Because Great Legacy Fundraising shows us that legacy giving is all about the donor.

Getting clear insight into our legacy donors will help you develop the right messaging and case for support that will encourage them to consider a gift in their will, and the right tactics to use in your ongoing campaign.

Our approach to donor insight is in finding the shared story of our legacy donors.

We know that the legacy gift is the final chapter of a donor’s life story, and the gift is a way of allowing the donor to live on through their family, friends, community and charity after they are gone. To realise their collective dream of a better tomorrow.

We also know that the most effective legacy fundraising is through story telling – of likeminded people, with the same life story, leaving legacy gifts to the same causes and organisations in their wills and estate plans.

So our donor insight approach is unique and based on our ongoing research into great legacy fundraising. It will give you a clear understanding of your legacy donors, a clear brief for developing your legacy case for support and messages, and a collection of stories to include in your campaign.

This insight will be turned into a creative brief ready to develop your campaign materials.

Recent clients

We have experience of working with both small and large organisations across a range of cause areas.