New partnership with QTS Fundraising


Every year, over £2 billion is donated to charity thanks to the generosity of people leaving a gift in their Will. Thanks to these people lifeboats are launched, guide dogs are trained, sick people are cared for, and cures are found. At Legacy Voice we like to think of these people as Superheroes.

But leaving a legacy gift to charity is no super human act. In fact, anyone can do it and more and more people are choosing to leave gifts to causes that they are passionate about.

Research suggests that 35% of the UK population would consider leaving a gift to charity in their Will if asked. That’s 35% of the donors on your database, the volunteers in your shop and the people you interact with every day. The question is, have you ever talked to them about legacy giving?

At Legacy Voice we help charities connect with their donors and inspire them to leave a gift in their Will. Our approach is simple – it’s all about conversation. We know that conversation is the key to consideration, which ultimately leads to commitment.

But it’s a conversation that needs to be handled with care, not because it’s a subject we should be cautious about, but because our words matter and can be the difference between inspiring someone to act and putting them off altogether. And because your supporters are incredibly valuable to your charity they to be treated with the care and respect they deserve.

Which is why we’ve teamed up with QTS Fundraising to offer a brand new Legacy Telephone Campaign service with a difference.

By joining forces, you get world class expertise and experience from a leading legacy fundraising consultancy, and a truly donor centric telephone fundraising provider with your supporters best interests at heart.

We believe our approach is what the sector needs at the moment – long term, relationship based fundraising, where the donor is in control.

Telephone Fundraising Campaigns

Our goal is to help charities raise more money from legacy giving whatever the size.

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