Legacy Marketing Benchmarks 2019

Take part in the Legacy Marketing Benchmarks project 2019/20

Ashley Rowthorn News

In an increasingly challenging fundraising environment, legacy giving remains a vital source of voluntary income.  And as the legacy giving sector continues to grow, we are seeing a more diverse range of charities receiving legacy gifts each year – no longer the sole benefit of a few large, long-established charities. 

But as we all know too well, measuring and evaluating legacy marketing investment can be challenging. A lack of consistency, both within individual charities and as a wider sector, makes it difficult to evidence a causal link between what is spent on legacy marketing, and the legacy income received as a result. Not to mention the time lag that exists between the investment and receiving a gift.

Which is why we are pleased to announce that Legacy Voice are partnering with Legacy Foresight to launch a legacy marketing benchmarks project. This is aimed to help charities evaluate the effectiveness of their fundraising activities in comparison to similar charities, and to better understand the return on investment.

This is open to any UK charity with a legacy income of £2m or more, and/or with a track record of investing in legacy marketing activities over the last 2 years.

The deadline to sign up for the project is 31 July 2019.

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For more information about the project and how to take part, follow the link below.

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