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At Legacy Voice, we are passionate about legacy fundraising and its power to change lives.

Yet we find charities can often lack the skills or confidence to broach this subject with their donors. So, often, we simply don’t talk about it.

But research shows that just a short conversation can be enough to encourage someone to leave a gift in their Will.

So we help charities raise more money from legacy giving, by building their confidence and having loud, proud legacy conversations.

We love legacies so much, we wouldn’t want to do anything else.

As well as the best of strategy and creative we also help you embed a culture where legacy giving can thrive.

Our team are some of the most experienced legacy fundraisers in the UK, and have decades of experience between us.

And as part of the Legacy Fundraising Group, we also help fulfil the final wishes of donors through our sister company Legacy Link.

This makes us the UK’s leading legacy consultancy, and the only to offer support for legacy donors in life and after death.

Ashley Rowthorn

Legacy Voice was set up by Ashley Rowthorn who is the lead consultant. Ashley Rowthorn is a highly knowledgeable legacy fundraising specialist, with over 10 years experience in the sector. He has led the Legacy Marketing teams at Alzheimer’s Society and Royal Voluntary Service, and is a regular speaker at Institute of Fundraising conferences and events. Ashley is a current member of the Remember a Charity Campaign Council.

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